Pet Prep Academy specializes in working with pet-parents to develop a customized approach to behavior issues. Our approach will incorporate management and training to help you and your pet reach your goals. If you have a need but don’t see it here, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our services include (but are not limited to):

Individualized consultations related to behavior issues for dogs and cats – we will work with you to understand what you need from your pet, from obedience and solutions for problem behaviors to house-training and appropriate play. In-person and remote via video chat consults are available.

New pet integration – it sometimes can be difficult to introduce a new pet into the home when pets are already there. We will help you identify problems that may occur and work with you on solutions.

First-time pet parent education – if you’re thinking of getting a pet for the first time, it can be confusing and even a little scary. We will talk with you about potential pitfalls based on your situation so you can make informed decisions at every step.

Mind Your Manners group classes – these 6-week class series use positive training methods to teach basic obedience cues while having fun and building a better relationship between pet and person. Dogs and humans attend together. Call for pricing and schedule.