Pet Prep Academy is dedicated to creating and maintaining positive relationships between pets and their human families. We rely on positive training methods to strengthen trust and long-term success in the pet-person life.

Lifelong pet lovers, Connie and Kevin Harris have volunteered for shelters and rescues, and approach situations with true compassion and kindness. They share their home and hearts with Chewbacca and Kobe, and the enduring spirit of Prissy, their treasured friend and companion for 18 years before she passed in 2016.

Lead trainer Connie is a certified professional dog trainer, completing Animal Behavior College’s dog trainer program. Kevin holds a doctorate in psychology, with a specialty in cognitive science, and teaches learning and behavior at the college level.

Their love for animals and knowledge based in proven teaching methods create a unique perspective to guide owners and their pets on behavior issues. They are committed to furthering knowledge and experience, and remaining current on techniques and research, through continuing education.